[Thực tập 2017] CTY Kiểm toán PwC Vietnam's tuyển thực tập 2016 - 2017 hạn chót 30/09/16

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    We use our global leadership framework – PwC Professional – to recruit, develop and assess our people, at all grades and all areas of our business, because we expect all of our people to be leaders.
    The PwC Professional focuses on five core attributes: whole leadership, technical capabilities, business acumen, global acumen and relationships.

    Our candidates are expected to meet the requirements below:
    - Final year students or recent graduates with a relevant major
    - Good communication and interpersonal skills
    - Good command of English and Vietnamese
    - Self-motivated, committed and confident
    - Able to rise to the challenges of participating in intensive on-the-job training, managing work responsibilities and client relationships
    - Good command of Japanese, Korean or Chinese would be a plus

    - Assurance Interns
    - Advisory Interns
    - Tax Interns

    When to apply
    Application deadline: 30 September 2016

    Selectionprocess: October 2016
    (Testing, Group Assessments, Final Interview)

    How to apply
    - Log on to our career website:
    - Complete an online application form: Please attach the following required documents in “Other Information and Declaration” tab:
    Your comprehensive CV in English
    Detailed academic transcript
    - Submit
    Should you have any question please contact us at: vncareers@vn.pwc.com

    For more information: www.pwc.com/vn/careers

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