[Thực tập 2017] CTY Kiểm toán KPMG tuyển thực tập 2016 - 2017 hạn chót 4/10/16

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    Internship Programme

    Want to gain practical experience in a professional environment?


    When you’re embarking on a career in the corporate world, it pays to choose a company that can keep pace with your ambition. KPMG's structured Internship programme is an opportunity for you to gain practical work experience and evaluate whether the KPMG environment appeals to you.

    We are offering internship opportunities to final year students in our Audit, Tax and Legal department in both our Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City offices. You will work alongside our people on real clients and real situations from mid of December 2016 to March of 2017. Places are limited and highly sought after, but the rewards are great if you are successful.

    Who we are looking for

    We are looking for students who are enrolled in a university course, in the final year of their degree and studying accounting, auditing, economics, finance, commerce, banking, foreign trade or law.
    We would be interested to meet students who have:

    • a good command of English, both verbal and written, and fluency in Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Korean will be an advantage
    • strong computer literacy
    • excellent interpersonal skills
    • energy and passion to learn from others
    • teamwork spirit.

    Places are limited and the process is very competitive. If you accept an offer of an internship you will be a fully active member of the team during your time with KPMG. At the end of the programme we hope that you'll have a much clearer picture of what it's like to work at KPMG and where we fit into your career plan.

    When & How to apply?

    • By clicking the Apply button below , you will be taken to our online application system, where you will be able to apply in three easy steps. Your photo and cumulative transcript are also required to complete the application.
    • Each candidate can create no more than one application form. You can log in and out your application with your ID number and email address but make sure you check your application carefully before submitting.
    • We receive applications from 29 August to 04 October 2016.
    • English test: October 2016
    • HR interview: November 2016
    • Final interview: November/ December 2016
    • On boarding: End of December 2016/January 2017

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