[Thực tập 2018] CTY AICA tuyển thực tập kiểm toán 2017 - 2018 [30/9/17]

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    VnAccounting.Net - Thông báo ngừng hoạt động từ 30/09/2017

    Some of your most valuable knowledge will come from observing industry professionals at work in your future field. An internship gives you the opportunity to do this while you are studying.
    An internship will give you the chance to:
    • Observe and participate in real projects and day-to- day work, under the guidance of professionals.
    • Develop professional and practical skills in your field.
    • Understand what it means to apply your knowledge in a real work setting.

    Internship period

    Internship period will start on 1 November 2016 to 30 November 2016 but internees can extend your internship to 30 June 2017 to earn and get more experience as well as techniques if you require. After internship, we will offer the employment for who was met our internship’ requirements.
    • Domestic and international students with major in accounting or auditing
    • Final year students or fresh graduates with a strong degree
    • Good communication and interpersonal skills
    • Selection may include an interview.
    • Self-motivated and confident persons who are able to rise to the challenges of participating in intensive training, managing work responsibilities and client relationships
    • Monthly allowance
    • Personal accident insurance cover 24/24
    • Business expenses will be covered by the Company
    • Per diem for oversea and domestic traveling
    • Other benefits will be based on the firm’s policies
    If you are interested in this internship, please send your resume together with relevant certificates to info@aica.com.vn


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