[Thực tập 2016] CTY Kiểm Toán AIC Việt Nam tuyển thực tập 2016 [15/12/2016]

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    VnAccounting.Net - Thông báo ngừng hoạt động từ 30/09/2017

    AIC Vietnam Co., Ltd in Vietnam is one of the leading enterprises in the field of accounting and investment consulting. Join AIC Vietnam’s Internship Program, students have the opportunity to directly access the expertise, get in touch with the work insights of the Accounting Tax and Business consulting field and personal experience in a professional working environment. If you pass the placement you’ll be fast-tracked to be a part of AIC over the long term, what could be more exciting than that???

    • Application deadline: 15th December 2015
    • Selection process (testing, interview):
    - Writing test: 09th January 2016.
    - Group Interview: 15th January 2016.
    - Second interview: 19th January 2016.
    • Your application should include comprehensive CV and cover letter in English.
    • All Application should be submitted to recruit@ aic-vietnam.com
    • Internship Period: From February 2016 to May 2016.

    What can you gain?
    • A well-defined career development framework.
    • A competitive package.
    • Real life experience in Accounting, Tax and Business.
    • Receive structured learning and development program with rigorous performance assessment.
    • Priority of formal recruitment after completion of the internship program.
    • Get valuable career development in a young and dynamic environment.

    Intern Positions: Accounting & Tax Interns/ Business consultant - Hanoi Head Office.

    Accounting and Tax Interns
    Be a part of the Accounting Division and enhance your professional accounting while working with foreign clients, providing services in the following areas:
    • Statutory accounting & tax
    • Bookkeeping services
    • Auditing field and Tax audit support
    • Tax advisory services, VAT/PIT/FCT/CIT declaration, finalization and refund.

    Business consulting interns
    You will play an important role by providing assistance in various types of business transactions with Japanese clients, providing services in the following areas:
    • Business Advisory: Law, Regulations…
    • Application for Business Registration/ License Amendment …
    • Market investigation/Report
    • Application for Visa/ Resident Card…

    • Final year students with a strong academic knowledge in Economics, Accounting, Finance, Banking, Commerce, Foreign Trade… etc.
    • Good command of English or Japanese
    • Good communication and interpersonal skills
    • Confident, enthusiastic in work and aspirations in life.


    Link chi tiết: http://aic-vietnam.com/en/careers/internship-program/452-internship-program-2016
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    hình như cái email sai hay sao ấy

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    Bạn thử gửi cho email này coi recruit@aic-vietnam.com

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